Winter Wedding Wear

photo credit onelittlelibrary.comCongrats to couples getting engaged at apple orchards and pumpkin patches this fabulous fall season!

An odd year means no torture from McCovey Cove, and brides breathing sighs of relief. These women are happily focusing fiances’ attention on winter wedding plans. No World Series widows here!

The SF Tailor has prepped this cheat sheet to understand formal wear if you’re getting married or renewing vows:

When is the main event? The season will suggest ideal fabrics and colors (the lighter, the better in summer or tropical destinations) whereas gray or dark blue wool suits are a winter standard. The time of day also influences your color scheme.

photo credit Alan Davidson for

Second left, Prince Henry & mates in colorful morning dress on the day of Kate & Wills’ festive wedding.

Where’s the party? The venue is a significant factor in the formality or casualness of your suit.

Royalty recommends morning dress: a tailcoat, dress shirt with a wing or (modern) turndown collar, a waistcoast or vest, and striped trousers. Pair with polished black Oxford shoes. Play up the color with matching ties and pocket squares. Such formal events are few and far between, so blend separates like shirt, vest or trousers into semi-formal contexts. Evening dress employs a striking black and white contrast: Black tailcoat, uncuffed trousers and patent leather footwear with white dress shirt, waistcoat & bow.

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Bradley Cooper (2010) in black tuxedo with cummerbund. Trousers too long.

Commonly believed to be the most formal wear, the black tie tuxedo is evening appropriate and the best investment for the range of social events in the U.S. Earlier this month we ran this post on made to measure tuxedos.

Midnight blue or black are equally advisable, and both go well with black Oxfords / Balmorals. Court shoes are slightly more formal. Don’t limit yourself if you want to indulge in color: match your bow tie and cummerbund… even suspenders.

To take the formality down a notch or two, review black tie optional and cocktail attire. These semi-formal dress codes let guests feel slightly more relaxed. Bow tie optional but neckties with dark suits of black, dark grey, or navy still required.

photo credit bagozza via

Grooms and rules relaxed in less formal lounge suits.

The lounge suit is the least formal and most misleading. Don’t think pink! It is not the tracksuit with matching zip-up jacket and elastic waist pants. You’re preparing for a wedding ceremony, not a wrestling competition.

This laid-back alternative still consists of smart-fitting trousers, a long-sleeved button-down shirt, and a blazer. The casual style lets you contrast classic colors like navy, black and grey with neutral beige or stone. Cotton twill trousers and no need for a matching jacket let you daydream about a beach, winery or farmhouse wedding. Instead of exactly matching the color of your neckwear (bow tie or necktie) and pocket square, choose complementary shades. You might pair with Derby / Blucher shoes instead of Oxfords.

Still have questions or concerns about what to wear for your winter wedding? Our Facebook page features inspiring photos. Or contact us with details about your celebration and we’ll get back to you with suggestions.

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