Prom Promises to be Unique

With red carpet awards season nearly here, the SF Tailor is preparing to celebrate prom season with so many high school students who have worked hard for the past four years and will graduate soon. Much more than a dance, prom is a tradition for teens to take a night out and create memories together before many go separate ways to attend different colleges and universities.

A couple of years ago, USA Today estimated an average $1,139 spent on prom. We can’t imagine exactly how that money is spent … but we know teens want well-made, good fitting and unique clothes for this special occasion. Men’s Wearhouse says tuxedo rentals are $60 to $200 and must be returned obviously. For a bit more, we can tailor a bespoke tuxedo you can keep!

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Girls don’t want to show up in identical dresses. (Dare to be bold like Lorde’s oversized tuxedo at the Hunger Games: Mockingjay premiere.) So why should guys wear rental tuxedos like bowling alley shoes? Do you want your boyfriend or prom date look like every other penguin?

Prom is your red carpet moment. There’s absolutely no competition when you custom order with us… and best of all, you keep the wardrobe.

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RCFA menswear summary of Hunger Games: Mockingjay premiere

We particularly love when fans send us photos of suits from their favorite films, TV series or musicians like The Great GatsbyDoctor Who, and One Direction.

If you don’t want to be outshined, send us a photo with your measurements. (Don’t know them? Just visit a local alterations place and a few minutes later, you’ll know.)

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