Matching Colors Maximizes ROI

In business, there’s a lot to be said for understated elegance. Clothes ought to make you look smart and increase your professional credibility. In part 5 of 6 in the Basics for Newly Bespoke, we’ll show you how matching colors can maximize the ROI on custom made suits.

photo credit shibumi-berlin.comStick to the same color family BUT change the shades for a more subtle look. A monochromatic look lengthens people with shorter dimensions; just don’t choose black because you’ll seem shorter.

Slightly more daring are analogous colors, giving you room to experiment. You may be surprised to learn how classic bordeaux and blue is. A subconscious visual effect blends these colors so people almost sense a decadent purple and they feel at ease. This versatile combination is great with brown or black shoes. The vibrancy of burgundy is a nice lift for cold winter months when we feel blue and gray.

photo credit

Choose complements. A bold orange tie against this blue suit creates a focal point , so you cannot be ignored.

When you choose opposites or complementary colors, people actually feel at harmony and experience a wealth of choice and creative opportunity. Employ this strategy to call attention to layers and complexity to your wardrobe. Remain classy without boredom.

Split-complementary is a minor variation. Instead of choosing two colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel, select three colors — one color and two more colors that neighbor the direct opposite. The resulting ensemble is more visual interesting without disturbing the peace.

On the other hand a triadic selection stimulates a strong visual contrast. Choosing three colors equally distant on the wheel still retains a balance eyes and minds crave.

Tetradic is the most challenging color strategy. Rarely executed well, it can look noisy because two sets of complementary colors are employed — not just one! Pick a dominant color. This alpha – color subdues the rest and speaks volumes about your leadership, not confusion.

A word of warning: black is too stark for day wear. Further it can make people of smaller stature seem shorter. Brown is more casual, and not appropriate for mainstream business environments. Apart from these boundaries, you have a wide array of colors to shape your personal style from.

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