Baby, It’s Cold — and Coat Season — Outside

Brrrr! Your holiday shopping is off to a good start, but you have procrastinated and need a proper winter coat for yourself… or somebody you love who’s too stubborn to slow down and buy himself or herself an overcoat. We also tailor bespoke women’s coats, especially for petite and taller ladies. Learn these basics to bundling up and bracing the elements.

Don’t let the cold stop your ambition!

Stavanger sample img. Final look depends on fabric you select.

Fabrics. The best fabrics are wool and cashmere. Cashmere is much warmer, but doesn’t last long for the higher price. Its durability is short, so return on investment (ROI) is less satisfying. Wool will give you more value and as the outer fabric, it does all the work.

Surprisingly only an acetate lining is needed. It layers nicely and comfortably over your clothes. It doesn’t add extra bulk and layers to your body silhouette.

Style. Charcoal / gray colors pair well with black, brown or navy suits. Not everybody likes the attention of a camel or khaki coat, but for what it’s worth our clients garner more compliments in those lighter colors.

Younger men opt for bold patterns, contrasting colors, even trendy buttons — but that’s not as versatile. The shorter Saint-Etienne is slightly less formal, and pairs well with jeans at the weekends. 

However you want it, we’ll tailor it for you.

Fit. The right fit is generally one size larger than your typical suit jacket / blazer. This allows you to move freely without extra layers chocking your neck and burdening shoulders. Don’t be tempted to supersize or oversize your coat. You’ll lose the body heat your overcoat is designed to keep in.

Leave the tailoring to us, so you can resume your busy year-end schedule and fit in time with your friends and familiy. In the meanwhile, get festive with us, team, and sing along with one of our favorite carols.

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