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Winter Wedding Wear

photo credit onelittlelibrary.comCongrats to couples getting engaged at apple orchards and pumpkin patches this fabulous fall season!

An odd year means no torture from McCovey Cove, and brides breathing sighs of relief. These women are happily focusing fiances’ attention on winter wedding plans. No World Series widows here!

The SF Tailor has prepped this cheat sheet to understand formal wear if you’re getting married or renewing vows:

When is the main event? The season will suggest ideal fabrics and colors (the lighter, the better in summer or tropical destinations) whereas gray or dark blue wool suits are a winter standard. The time of day also influences your color scheme.

photo credit Alan Davidson for

Second left, Prince Henry & mates in colorful morning dress on the day of Kate & Wills’ festive wedding.

Where’s the party? The venue is a significant factor in the formality or casualness of your suit.

Royalty recommends morning dress: a tailcoat, dress shirt with a wing or (modern) turndown collar, a waistcoast or vest, and striped trousers. Pair with polished black Oxford shoes. Play up the color with matching ties and pocket squares. Such formal events are few and far between, so blend separates like shirt, vest or trousers into semi-formal contexts. Evening dress employs a striking black and white contrast: Black tailcoat, uncuffed trousers and patent leather footwear with white dress shirt, waistcoat & bow.

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Bradley Cooper (2010) in black tuxedo with cummerbund. Trousers too long.

Commonly believed to be the most formal wear, the black tie tuxedo is evening appropriate and the best investment for the range of social events in the U.S. Earlier this month we ran this post on made to measure tuxedos.

Midnight blue or black are equally advisable, and both go well with black Oxfords / Balmorals. Court shoes are slightly more formal. Don’t limit yourself if you want to indulge in color: match your bow tie and cummerbund… even suspenders.

To take the formality down a notch or two, review black tie optional and cocktail attire. These semi-formal dress codes let guests feel slightly more relaxed. Bow tie optional but neckties with dark suits of black, dark grey, or navy still required.

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Grooms and rules relaxed in less formal lounge suits.

The lounge suit is the least formal and most misleading. Don’t think pink! It is not the tracksuit with matching zip-up jacket and elastic waist pants. You’re preparing for a wedding ceremony, not a wrestling competition.

This laid-back alternative still consists of smart-fitting trousers, a long-sleeved button-down shirt, and a blazer. The casual style lets you contrast classic colors like navy, black and grey with neutral beige or stone. Cotton twill trousers and no need for a matching jacket let you daydream about a beach, winery or farmhouse wedding. Instead of exactly matching the color of your neckwear (bow tie or necktie) and pocket square, choose complementary shades. You might pair with Derby / Blucher shoes instead of Oxfords.

Still have questions or concerns about what to wear for your winter wedding? Our Facebook page features inspiring photos. Or contact us with details about your celebration and we’ll get back to you with suggestions.

A Suit, A Second Chance at Life

‘We don’t know our own power. We don’t know how amazing we are,’ remarks Gabriel Bristol, a man who went from homelessness to head of a fast-growing customer service provider.

Know a diamond in the rough? Perhaps you overcame personal obstacles and want to give a somebody a second chance at life and a career. Rather than donate money this holiday season, sponsor a job applicant with a suit scholarship. The SF Tailor offers the lowest prices in fully custom suits online and delivers within a month. 

photo credits and

Ted ‘Golden Voice’ Williams, from 2011 homeless radio announcer to 2016 presidential candidate

Smart people with troubled pasts need opportunity. They’re overlooked, so they forget their own value. They lose hope unless they’ve participated in workforce development programs and enterprises like Delancey Street Foundation and Swords to Plowshares, where graduates leave with marketable skills and a future. Charities like St. Anthony’s also try to provide interview and employment apparel — but choices can be limited, especially for clients of larger proportions.

Photo credit

Dani Johnson’s past didn’t anchor her.

Tailor made professional wear continue to build confidence for these men and women who want to thrive at work and in their personal lives. Individuals like Dani Johnson have already overcome a significant amount of adversity, and have potential to earn money, truly thrive at their jobs and become self-sufficient.

Cold hard money is what it is.
On the other hand made to measure suits are worn
as we celebrate new beginnings and milestones
like jobs, promotions, and weddings.

Email us if you’re going to present a custom tailored suit to a well-deserving beneficiary. We’d love to read a brief summary of this individual’s triumph over difficulty and what s/he plans to tackle next.

Mixing Patterns & Prints

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Try strong, bold stripes not fat stripes f you have a small frame in particular.

Winning if you’ve reached this level in our Basics for Newly Bespoke series! In this sixth and final section, pattern-mixing will be the most ambitious to master. More risky than matching colors, the rewards add a rich new dimension to your personal style — further elevating your elegance, confidence and influence.

The first rule of pattern and print mixing is express yourself.
Vary the size of the pattern but unify with color.

Keep the Same Pattern
Wear checks with checks, or stripes on stripes BUT vary the size or width of the pattern. Mind your stature when choosing a stripe. Beginners test waters with a navy pinstripe suit and a fine striped shirt. A solid or diagonal striped tie pulls such a powerful look together. Birdseye & nailhead offer equally conservative aesthetics as stripes, yet introduce texture. Pair them with flat textures like solid shirts and ties.

Herringbone‘s distinctive V-shaped weave makes for a far more eye-catching suit as the zigzag pattern picks up light. Made to measure suits in this fabric appear to be a solid color from a distance. Upon closer look, the pattern is readily recognizable and reveals sophistication.

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The gray color unifies this checkered jacket and striped shirt.

Choose a Recurring Color
The same rules regarding color still apply. Go ahead and check your notes since this isn’t a closed-book quiz!

Remember any monochromatic combination is a safe bet. Pair two colorful prints or patterns with a common color. We’ve chosen a gray checkered jacket and striped shirt to illustrate our point. It’s moderate… yet pushes the envelope for those who work in legal as well as banking and finance.

If you’ve mastered this and your style slightly stagnates, dare to pair stripes and checks in complementary colors. We strongly recommend this ensemble for summer wedding guests: glen check or plaid suit, blue gingham shirt, even the woven orange tie has a checkered texture.

photo credit

Advanced pattern & color mixing: gingham shirt plus tie & pocket square accentuate blue & orange in suit.

photo credit suitupdressup.wordpress.comTry Mixing Three Patterns: All patterns or prints should be relatively close in size. Proportions matter. Attempt the above look but pair with a silk striped necktie instead of a solid textured one. Alternatively select two elements like a violet & white polka dot tie and a lilac gingham shirt, and wed them with a brown pinstripe suit. The patterns achieve fashion zen based on a split-complementary color code.