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Grads, Interns: Ready to Dress to Impress?

photo credit April ends, have you confirmed your summer internships?  or graduates, have you thought about where you’ll apply for work?

Your resumes or CVs should be prepared, and proofread by somebody in the university Career Services office. But will your lack of professional dress deter you from job opportunities?

You don’t need to win a lottery to enter the workforce with custom made attire. The SF Tailor specializes in affordable tailor-made (and therefore better–fitting) suits for men and women. Our turnaround time is about 3 weeks. That’s rather quick considering expensive, mass produced, ill-fitting suits sold at department stores. Spare yourself the frustration. Get smart!

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Take 5-10 minutes to get accurate measurements from a local alterations service. (Note: These individuals usually do minor changes like hemming.)

Then fully customize your suit from a wide range of colors, fabrics, and styles via our website. Black and blue suits are classic. Interviewers expect them. Wearing a bright shirt is unprofessional in most offices. If you must add color, be subtle with a necktie or pocket square.

Our online only presence means personalized suits as low as $254 USD.
We pass the savings on to you!

photo credit cdninstagram.comOur fastest turnaround is 3 weeks. (Expedite production time of future purchases by saving your measurements on our secure website.) We dedicate our attention to your suit in our private studio, where we hand-craft and detail your look for success.

We don’t have distractions like competitors with public boutiques and pop-up shops that charge $450 USD or more for machine construction. They’re busy earning higher dividends for their investors.

Instead the SF Tailor offers custom-made, high-quality elegance at affordable prices for interns and graduatesgrooms on a budget, plus new and small business-owners. We love that our clients feel confident and look good climbing the corporate ladder. 

Til you make your millions, why settle for ill-fitting, poorly-made,
disposable suits off-the-rack?

Spring Forward into Success

cleanWe didn’t enjoy losing an hour of sleep, but your San Francisco Tailor team has been busy spring cleaning our closets and wardrobes.

Now’s the time to spring forward into success. You’re not only refreshing your professional wear… but also

You’re re-energizing your personal brand —
how you communicate your values, experience, and expertise to others.

People want to know you before they collaborate with you. In an era that moves increasingly faster, they’re making snap judgments. How does your external look reflect your personal mission? Are you earning that trust factor with clients, colleagues, and employees?

Before shipping everything to the thrift store, you may want to keep expensive items you wore when you were 15-20 pounds heavier, or sentimental casuals you’ll wear again if you are 10-15 pounds lighter. Anything that cannot be easily altered, repaired, or donated can be recycle into rags.

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Pastel colored dress shirts (solid or patterned) pair well with darker ties, or no tie for a casual look during happy hour.

Every season is an opportunity to evaluate anything out of alignment with your personal brand.

Don’t give others the cold shoulder. Leave dark suits to Darth Vader.
Let your confidence shine with brighter colors. Others want to approach & work with

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I’m a Woman in a Suit, Not a Tomboy

photo credit elle.comSince the SF Tailor was founded 5 years ago, we have been defying labels.

First, we challenged off-the-rack labels. We decided to stop spending excess amounts of money on clothes that fit us poorly. For similar retail prices, we invested in fully customized, bespoke clothes.

Knowing the suits complimented the best and worse assets
of our bodies make us feel confident. 

Today, we’re proud to tailor suits for women — especially those with aspirations for success and the executive suite. Don’t settle for department store selections that defined female suits in the 1980’s.

A woman in a suit must feel comfortable in a boardroom or courtroom. She’s not a tomboy, trying to fit in somewhere she feels unwelcomed.

The SF Tailor team assists individuals who seek stylish professional attire that is constructed to personal measurements and preference, especially trans-masculine attire.

Our own personal experiences at retailers deterred us from shopping on more than one occasion. When we wanted less frilly female suits, men’s clothiers simply did not understand the feminine frame. They also failed to comprehend the stylistic struggles of petite women or athletic women.

We recognize each person has a unique physique and should not have a difficult time finding appropriate clothing. Stop procrastinating and take a few minutes to design your power suit at